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Registraton Process

D/FW Hindu Temple Vidya Vikas School is committed to enhancing spiritual and cultural knowledge of students via a well-rounded curriculum.


To the left is the list of classes offered for children and adults.  Registration Fee applies to Religion Class which is mandatory. Registration and class Fees for each class listed are per student per School Year.


To enroll student(s) in class(es)

  • Click on Login to create a User Account/ login to your account,
  • Click on a course group to the left, or click A to Z Index to see all of our courses at once. For more detailed class info please click here
  • Click on Register Now!in the Class View. This will take you to the Shopping Cart.
    • Fees will be listed in this view. All Fees apply to the School Year.
    • Registration Fees will apply to the Religion Class Fees.
  • Click Continue Shopping to select additional courses.
  • Click Checkout when all classes have been selected. You will be prompted to pay the Registration Fees.
    • If not already logged into your account, you will be taken to the login page.Existing customers can login using their account information.New customers can Create a New Account.
    • Complete account registration form.
  • In the payment page, verify student and classes information. Follow prompts and pay the fees listed for Registration and all the classes.

Enrollment Complete

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