For 30+ years helping give children a foundation in SanĀtana Dharma, Indic Languages, Indian Fine arts, Yoga and more.
For 18 and above, we help learn Sanskrit Basics, Chanting, Folk Dancing,
SING BHAJANS, GITA study & more.

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vidya vikas


To create a passion and desire in the hearts and minds of the younger generation to learn, understand, practice and appreciate Hinduism, Indian heritage, languages and culture. We provide children from pre-school age upto high-school a foundation in Sanātana dharma, Indic Languages (Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu), arts, and Yoga. Seeds of knowledge, form the path to higher values, spiritual development and worldly success for the next generation. We cater to ages 18 and above too, with Sanskrit conversational, Gita Study, chanting, bhajan, dance and Yoga classes.

School year is from August to May every year. First day of School for 2021-2022 is Aug 22, 2021. Vidya Vikas classes are held every Sunday 9:00AM – 2:15 PM.

benefits of enrolling childREN at vidya vikas


  • As the kids grow up we (Parents) will come across various other cultures given the kind of society & environment we are in.
  • As a parent we typically focus on getting our kids well educated in all areas of life. Spiritual aspect & Culture aspect these 2 key ingredients usually gets missed and are overlooked.
  • As the kids grow up they will have basic questions about their identity as a Hindu, and why practicing Hindu Dharma important.
  • Some cultures are invasive and tend to have long term disruptive effects on our kids.

At Vidya Vikas

  • We nurture the kids early on instill our culture and make our kids strong from inside. They will understand the broader aspects of Hinduism.
  • We (Vidya Vikas) plant the seed of Dharma and strive our best for kids to feel proud being a Hindu.
  • We cover the important scriptures like Rāmāyaṇa , Mahābhārata, Bhagavad-Gītā, or about Śiva Śhakti, Daśāvatāra, saints and more.
  • We celebrate major festivals and also teach, encourage kids to participate in cultural events conducted at temple especially for kids.
  • We are passionate about enriching our children with our rich Sanātana dharmic culture

What We Do


Children can enroll in a wide variety of classes that enrich their knowledge in Religion, Culture and other areas. Our advantage is they get the practical as well as visual knowledge 


There is always something to do for EVERYONE who would like to volunteer their time. We offer numerous volunteer opportunities so children can get additional credit hours. 


Celebrate with us the numerous festivals throughout the year in our Mandir. There is always an opportunity to participate/help/volunteer at whatever level you feel comfortable


Students can develop and sharpen Leadership skills by making presentations in class or help teachers as a Teaching Assistant. They can coordinate events, celebrations, lead teams during Annual cultural program or take leadership positions in the Youth Group Board. These are all great opportunities for growth and personality development.


Children are given so many opportunities to practice our religion and participate in all the different activities and festivals. They can participate in various pujas as well as practice their chanting or bhajan skills. Children and families practice to come to the temple atleast once a week.


By attending our classes children gain knowledge and a great a sense of community belonging. Eating lunch with friends in the Cultural Hall on Sundays after class, or participating in various events at the temple children develop a great sense of interpersonal relationships and community belonging.

Impact Stories

Anjana Sivakumar
“Growing up, I, like many, did not want to go to Vidya Vikas. I didn’t see the value in learning mythology and morals because it didn’t feel like it applied to my life. But during my senior year of high school, I really struggled to deal with personal conflicts, and that’s when the lessons from Vidya Vikas came through. I’m not saying some divine lesson “saved” me. But studying the Gita and learning how it applied to the life of a 16-year-old girl living in Texas served as a tool to get me through tough times. I think of the lessons like tools in a tool box. I’m not sure I’ve ever used my monkey wrench – but having it at my fingertips to help me when I need it is worth the investment. Invest this time – you’ll be thankful for having the tool to deal with tough situations when life throws them your way.” Read more
Soham Shah
” Hi! My name is Soham, and I graduated from Vidya Vikas in 2013. I attended both the Religion and the Gujarati language classes, and I volunteered my time with the Vidya Vikas Youth Group. In addition to all of the classroom teachings and lessons, my most everlasting memories come from the friendships I made with not only my peers, but also with the several amazing Vidya Vikas teachers. Ultimately, the greatest lessons come from how well we maintain the positive relationships in our community, and Vidya Vikas is a great place to build your new community!” Read more
Meghna Uppal
“Vidya Vikas gave me a community and empowered me to be who I am today. It made me feel safe to express openly about my religion but also provided leadership opportunities that I wouldn’t have gained anywhere else. From the discussions to the projects to dance to the friends I made, each part of the Sunday routine has had a pivotal role in who I am and what I do for the community today.” Read more
Rhiya Patel
“I have attended Vidya Vikas since I was 7 years old and have grown from a student to volunteering and assisting the same teachers I learnt from. This temple and school has become a family to me in that I’ve spent many occasions and festivals here at the temple celebrating with everyone and building close relationships. At Vidya Vikas, I learnt lessons from the Vedas through the teachings of Dr. Shah and I still draw from these discussions on a daily basis. I hope I can carry on these lessons with more students in the future.” Read more
Sanchith Shanmuga
“Being a Vidya Vikas student taught me the essentials of Hinduism and Indian culture; however, I cherish the program because it indoctrinated me with values that extend beyond the classroom and into my daily life as a college student. The respect I showed my teachers, adults, and fellow classmates follows me today when interacting with fellow peers and professors. Additionally, my involvement in Vidya Vikas and the Youth Group helped me practice leadership and determination, which helps me lead and finish difficult tasks in my life today. These values will continue to lead me in a good direction for the rest of my life.” Read more
“Vidya Vikas will always hold a special place in my heart. While growing up, not only did it foster learning about my religion and culture, it provided me leadership opportunities and life long friends, who have become like family. Numerous times, my “Sunday School” life and “real life” have collided, and I am lucky to have built these strong relationship that have gotten me through multiple stages of life. From turning into Sunday School classmates to college classmates to asking advice on career – Vidya Vikas has provided me the support to help me be successful in my goals. I am grateful to have been a part of Vidya Vikas and to have learned about and appreciated Hinduism from a young age. It has truly made me proud of my religion and has made me who I am today.” Read more
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