vv-School-logoWelcome to D/FW Hindu Temple Vidya Vikas 

  • Vision

    To provide children from pre-school age upto high-school a foundation in Sanatana dharma, Indic Languages (Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and Gujarati), arts, and Yoga. Seeds of knowledge, form the path to higher values, spiritual development and worldly success for the next generation.

    To create a passion and desire in the hearts and minds of the younger generation to learn, understand, practice and appreciate Hinduism, Indian heritage, languages and culture.

    School year is from August To May every year. First day of School for 2020-2021 is Aug 23, 2020.

    Vidya Vikas classes are held every Sunday 9:00AM – 2:00 PM.


    Registration for year 2021-2022 School Year will open in the first week of June. Classes are scheduled to begin August 22nd, 2021.

    The Vidya Vikas School has launched the 2021 Summer program, a 4th year in a row, and even more pleased to bring a new set of courses, being offered for the first time.

    Key highlights:

    What: 2021 Summer Program, Sundays only, 1-hour classes between 9:15am-2:30pm.

    See attached here, the Summer Program 2021 one-page Flyer for an overview on timings.

    Topics: Dedicated to an all-round development of your child, the following courses/topics are offered

    • Technical Skill development: Courses in JAVA and iOS programming
    • Soft Skill development: Youth Leadership Program, Learn to Debate
    • Personal development: Vedic Mind Mathematics, Exploring Engineering disciplines
    • Spiritual development: Hindu Religion foundation, Gita chanting, devotional singing, for kids and adults
    • Cultural development: Indian history, medieval and modern Or Reading stories in Hindi.
    • Fine arts and fun: Basics in Hindustani Classical singing or Carnatic music; Learning keyboard; dancing.
    •  Physical well-being: Fitness for Kids of all ages; Alternative medicine techniques – a guide to holistic healing.

    See attached here, the Course overview document for a detailed overview on each of the courses offered,

    When: June 13th, 20th & 27th, July 11th, 18th & 25th and August 1st, (a total of 7 sessions, per course).

    Where: Classes will be online.Remotely-run classes using virtual conferencing platforms. All learning material will be shared virtually as well, except the Youth Leadership program, that requires hard-copy material distribution.

    How to Register: Visit Vidya Vikas Registration portal here to Register for one or more classes.

    For new students to Vidya Vikas School, setup an Account on this portal first, provide details of your child, and select the courses.

    For any questions, or needs, please write us back at vidyavikas@dfwhindutemple.org

    Regular School will start on Aug 22nd, 2021.
    Class Times

    Below are general class times. These are subject to change.For current year specific  classes timings, please refer to each class in the registration website.

    • 9-10:55 AM – Tamil and SAT
    • 10-10:55 AM – Language(s) and Adults’ Yoga
    • 11AM-12:00 PM – Religion and Adults’ Sanskrit
    • 12:15-12:55 PM – Kids Bhajan and Gita Chanting
    • 1-2 PM – Bengali, Adults’ Dance and Adults’ Bhajan
    • Vidya Vikas

      At The D/FW Hindu Temple Vidya Vikas, every Sunday, over 100 dedicated volunteer teachers and parents come together from 8:30am to engage in the noble task of enriching the lives of the children of our community with good morals, ethics, religious values, art and culture. The temple is fortunate to have around 30 classrooms dedicated for this very important responsibility and service to the community.

      From a humble beginning of 15 students in 1996, Vidya Vikas has grown to serve more than 500 children and adults. We look forward to see these children carry on this torch to the next generation.

    • Volunteer Opportunities

      Do you have time ? We NEED HELP !!!

      Vidya Vikas is completely run by volunteers. Our humble appreciation to all the teachers & volunteers who dedicate their Sundays to instill good knowledge and values in our children.

      Volunteer opportunities for parents include teaching, helping with the crafts for the classes, monitoring hallways and aisles when classes are in progress, helping the admin team in various tasks, help organizing special events.

      Children can help with the Youth Group, special events, making posters for various events, various tasks in the Vidya Vikas office.

      Note: Community service hours will be provided to children for the volunteer service they provide.

    • Newsletter

      We take great pride in our Parent and Student Volunteers, who are devoting so much of their time in serving the D/FW Hindu Temple Vidya Vikas.

      Click on the newsletters to learn more about our Volunteers, Vidya Vikas events and activities.

    • Religion

      Religion classes are dedicated to sharing the knowledge of Hindu (Sanātana) dharma with children ages 4-18, and mandatory for all VidyaVikas registered students. The curriculum for these classes, has been carefully developed to reveal a variety of Hindu concepts taken directly from the scriptures. The children learn about different forms and deities, avatars, and the significance of important events celebrated as Hindu Festivals. The kids learn about Rāmāyana and Mahābhārata, Saints, recite Shlokas and prayers. They also learn Bhajan-singing, Yoga, Crafts, Rangoli, and finally a celebrated End of Year cultural program that includes theater, music, dancing and stage presentations, to make the learning experience memorable and fun.
      Please click here for an overview of topics covered in each Level.

      Ages 4 – 18 (age requirements should be met by August 31st)

    • Language

      A wide range of All the most commonly spoken Indian Languages are taught at Vidya Vikas. Each language course of study is structured into mutiple levels, depending upon the needs of the Students and their exposure. More details can be found in the individual links for the Language departments.

      Minimum age is 5 years (age requirements should be met by August 31st).

    • Other Classes

      Additional classes are offered to bring Hindu culture and heritage closer to Hindu families in the D/FW Metroplex.

      • Gītā Chanting
      • Indian Folk Dance
      • Bhajan
      • Yoga

      Minimum age is 5 years (age requirements should be met by August 31st).

    • SAT

      SAT classes are offered for Grade levels 8 and above.

      • Emphasis on Math & English
      • Religion Class is Mandatory
      • Class Timing – Sunday 9AM – 11AM

      Age requirement is 13-17 years (age requirements should be met by August 31st).

    • Adults’ Classes

      For parents and adults, Vidya Vikas offers many classes that include:

      • Sanskrit, conversation and translation skills.
      • Gītā Chanting
      • Indian Folk Dance
      • Bhajan
      • Yoga

      Minimum age requirement is 18 years  (age requirements should be met by August 31st).

  • Youth Group is a fun-filled educational, growth and developmental gathering of students.

    Aim of the Youth Group is to promote leadership, citizenship, community involvement, and moral values in the youth.

    It is open for children ages 10 and up and meets on Sundays, once a month from 12:30 to 1:30 PM.

    To join or for more information, email dfwhinduyouth@gmail.com

    Youth Group organizes fun events, assists with fundraising and running of temple events. Some of the events Youth Group has organized or participated in –

    • North Texas Food Bank Drive
    • Anand Bazar (Holi celebration)
    • Spring fling celebration
    • Bake sale
    • Book sale
    • Penny wars fundraiser
    • Car wash fundraiser

    Note: Volunteer hours can be earned through Youth Group activities

  • Calendar

  • Registration

    Registration is open now for the current 2020-2021 School Year. Keeping in view of the current situation classes will be online.

    For more  information on classes offered, fees for each class and to register for classes, click here to register. Please note, all fees for classes apply for the school year.

    Click here to view the flyer.

    Class Times

    Below are general class times. These are subject to change.For current year specific  classes timings, please refer to each class in the registration website.

    • 9-11 AM – SAT
    • 10-11 AM – Language / Yoga/ Adult Geetha
    • 11AM-12:15 PM – Religion
    • 12:15-1 PM – Bhajan
    • 1-2 PM – Dance/ Bengali
  • Contact Info
    1605 North Britain Rd,
    Irving, Texas 75061

    Phone: 972-445-3111

    Email: vidyavikas@dfwhindutemple.org