SAT classes are offered for Grade levels 8 and above.

  • Emphasis on Math & English
  • Religion Class is Mandatory
  • Class Timing – Sunday 9AM – 11AM

Age requirement is 13-17 years (age requirements should be met by August 31st).

SAT Course
Al Somnath
Al Somanath was born and educated in Bangalore. He earned M. Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology in Madras and joined Indian Institute of Science. Although the National Aeronautical Laboratory offered him a permanent position, he always wanted to come to United States for higher studies. Fortunately he received admission in Aerospace Engineering at University of Texas at Austin. He has had a 38-year-long career in Aerospace. He has worked for Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, Gulf- stream Aircraft, General Dynamics, Boeing and worked on several airplane, helicopter, and missile programs including Boeing 737, 747, 777, 787, F16 fighter, F-35 Joint strike Fighter, and many other commercial and military helicopter projects. Al has been actively involved in temple volunteer work for more than 20 years and has been a SAT instructor since 2005. His wife Viji is a biologist and actively involved in temple activities and teaches Bhajan class. He has a son and a daughter. Keerthan completed Doctor of Medicine at UT south western medical school. Sowmya is pursuing music career in Austin.
Ram Govindasamy
Ram Govindasamy has been a SAT instructor since 2013. He lives in the Valley Ranch with his wife Sujatha and daughters Janani Shree and Jahnavi Shree. Coming to the temple every Sunday has been a rewarding experience for his whole family. Both his daughters attend religion and Tamil classes from which they immensely benefit. Ram has been volunteering since his college days. For Ram, Vidya Vikas has been a double blessing, an institution where his daughters learn the values of Hindu religion and Tamil/Hindi language and where he also gets to teach the bright and young minds of our community the techniques of problem solving and equipping them with the knowledge and skill to score higher in SAT. Ram enjoys breaking & building stuff, gardening, music of all ages and reading history, science and math.
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