something to think about - discussion forum

Living as a nuclear family in the US, we are often faced with difficult questions and decisions. In absence of advice and counsel of elders, this discussion forum offers the next best thing – other people’s perspectives and how they have managed challenges and made decisions.  

The discussion forum focus on issues important for leading a balanced and fulfilling life. We discuss topics that relate to self, kids and family and personal and professional life. While most participants are adults, kids have also participated in topics relevant to them. Some of the topics discussed in the past include, “what do you want your child to be”, “managing challenges”, “what matters most in life”, “can you do it all”.  The group meets every first Sunday of the month (Oct – May). 

Discussion topic for 2021-22 include:

  1. Is the younger generation putting all their happiness / fulfillment eggs in career basket?
  2. Value of ritual (non-religious and religious) in life
  3. Gratitude and happiness: Is there a connection?
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