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Vidya Vikas Marathi Shala / Classes have been operating for more than 10 years in DFW Hindu Temple. This shala is part of Vidya Vikas program and provides BMM Certification as well.

The purpose of this shala is to preserve and promote Marathi Language and culture. Main objective is to teach students conversing, reading and writing Marathi.

This state of art Marathi class is working hard for the last 3 years to establish its independent status in North America.

All students are welcome to register under Vidya Vikas Marathi Shala at any grade of school. You need not to be a part of any Maharashtra Mandal for these classes.

We offer 6 levels in these classes starting from Level 0 – to Level 5. I.e. Shishu varga to Pachvi varga. Each Sunday volunteer teachers and parents dedicate their time to teach kids their matru bhasha / mother tongue and culture.

Most of the ISDs in Dallas including Coppell ISD, Plano ISD, Frisco ISD area have started giving 4 High school credits for Foreign Language to Marathi (Avant Assessment) from 2019 – 2020 school year.

The overall syllabus is designed in such a way that kids love to talk in Marathi first and then love to read and write in Marathi. They learn Grammar from Level 2 to Level 5.

We offer Vidya Vikas annual Exam as well as BMM : Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal Exam. We cover all the syllabus required for both exams. BMM Syllabus is the same for all North America Shala locations. The certification is affiliated with renowned university Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. BMM runs different National level competitions throughout the year. DFW Hindu temple Vidya Vikas Shala has its own center in BMM board.

Our team of teachers plan to expand our shala and provide an international platform for kids in Marathi language such as Public speaking competition, Marathi SA RE GA MA (singing), Marathi Natak (Theatre) competition, Marathi Kavya (poetry) competition.

We conduct Marathi Vaktrutva Spardha (Public speaking) on occasion of Gudhi Padwa : Marathi New year.

Level 0 to Level 3 Kids talk about any historical Indian Character and their work. Level 4 & Level 5 kids are required to talk about current Leaders/Problems /Issues.

Curriculum Covered :

Small Achievements :

  1. 2018 : BMM Exam center for Marathi in Dallas Fort/Worth for internal as well as external students. This center is not part of any Maharashtra Mandal.
  2. 2018 : Total 14 students from Level 1 to Level 5 passed BMM certification with distinction.
  3. 2019 : Level 2 : Mayuresh, Iha & Inika Jadhav’s  Essay and Poem published in North America Diwali Anka (Diwali Magazine).
  4. 2020 : Level 1 : Yajat Dhumale won 2nd prize in Hasya Ranga spardha (Stand up comedy) in Dallas Area.
  5. 2020 : Level 5 : Mayuresh Mhaskar received 4 high school credits in Plano ISD by CBE.
  6. 2021 : Level 4 Ayesha Shelar won 1st Prize in North America Hastakshar and Shuddha Lekhan spardha ( Handwriting competition).
Shabari Jadhav
Shabaree Jadhav is currently Level 2 teacher and works with Level 4 students on special chapters. She started assisting in 2017 and decided to become main coordinator cum teacher in 2018. She teamed up with friends and started working on an organized and certified Marathi course. Team applied and got approval for the BMM exam center which is an international platform for Marathi Language. It is very important to know one’s roots and Shabaree is very happy to be part of Vidya Vikas which has provided a strong platform for many years. Shabaree has been in the Engineering field for the last 20 years and has twin daughters in Marathi level 5 and religion Level 6. They are fluent in speaking, reading and writing Marathi.
Sanjana Shelar
Sanjana Shelar has been teaching the Marathi since 2018. Currently she is teaching level 4. She really enjoys teaching Marathi specially when her students get recognition internationally. As a homemaker, she is helping create conscientious members of the society. Sanjana has been associated with Vidya Vikas for the last 10 years. She has 2 kids - a 16 years old boy and 13 years old daughter. Her kids are attending religion class from grade 1. Sanjana likes volunteering and she has been involved in Coppell ISD and Vidya Vikas for the last 12 years. She was also a chairperson for Lakeside elementary Carnival committee for 3 years and she is advancement team committee member in boys scout troop 840 & 844 since 2017.


Namaste. Mayuresh joined Vidya Vikas at Level 0 (Age 4) in 2011 - and joined Marathi language class along with Hindu religion class. He is now in Grade 10 of VV. Since 2011, Mayuresh started learning Marathi year after year from various teachers through each VV level.

Really thankful to his first teacher Vaishali ji Chaudhari, who taught him to read and write basic Devanagari alphabets and then Baarakhadi. In later years, dedicated group of teachers such as Neha ji Kunte, Prachi ji Barve, Kalyani ji Joshi, Chaitrali ji Ghatnekar, Payal ji Nagwekar, Shabaree ji Jadhav and Sanjana ji Shelar taught him Marathi based on grade level school books from Maharashtra school board.

In 2014, DFW Marathi school started conducting annual exams in collaboration with BMM (Brihan Maharashtra Mandal - central body of all Marathi Mandals in USA). BMM in collaboration with Bharati Vidyapeeth (Pune, India) has been conducting grade level Marathi exams in all Marathi schools throughout USA. Authentic passing certification from BMM & Bharati Vidyapeeth really boosted the morale and confidence of students and parents in DFW Marathi school. Due to the efforts of all his teachers, Mayuresh passed annual Marathi exams from Marathi 1st to 5th grade between 2014 and 2018. And then, during local academic 8th Grade summer of 2020, Mayuresh decided to appear for Plano ISD CBE (Credit by Exam) for "Marathi as a foreign language". He scored well in reading, writing, listening categories and secured all 4 high school credits in this exam.

Beyond learning the language, what more can be satisfying than the fact that Mayuresh can converse with us and his grandparents (in India) in pure and traditional Marathi!! This testimonial will not be complete without being grateful to VV Hindi teachers Mrs. Lata ji Ratna and Deepa ji Chopra for solidifying Mayuresh's knowledge of Devanagari script and our national language of Hindi (as after learning Marathi in classroom from 2014-2018, Mayuresh had switched to Hindi class during 2019-2020). Finally, we are really thankful to DFW Temple Management, VV Admin office, and all VV volunteer teachers for their selfless help and support through all these years.

Shri Ram.
Mangesh Mhaskar, parent of Mayuresh
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