Course Description: Learn to chant the shlokas from Nārāyaṇīyam, along with their meaning. Nārāyaṇīyam, a Sanskrit hymn/poem of 1035 verses, considered as Srimad Bhāgavata Sāram (the essence of Srimad Bhāgavata purāṇa) was completed and offered to Śrī Guruvāyurappan by Śrī Nārāyaṇa Bhattathri on the 28th day of a Vrischika month, centuries ago. Nārāyaṇīyam narrates a series of episodes from the Bhāgavata purāṇa, choosing the most pious of the lot. Both as a poem and as a devotional hymn, Nārāyaṇīyam occupies a very high place in Sanskrit literature. The “Parāyaṇam” of Nārāyaṇīyam possesses the power of healing afflictions, both mental and physical, of the devotees.


Mahalakshmi Sivakumar appreciates opportunity since 2000 to serve in Temple events, as volunteer, EC member and currently as OB member. Enjoys serving children and parents in Vidya Vikas.  Currently teaching Bhagavad Gita chanting for children, Adult classes - Narayaneeyam and Bhagavad Gita Study Group. 

Working as IT professional.  Blessed with a wonderful family of spouse and 2 children. Children went through the VV program all the way up to High School Graduation.  

Enjoys working with children and doing community service activities. Continues to serve her sons Boy Scouts Troop long after he became an Eagle Scout. 

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