For years yoga was considered a dates health routine practice embraced mostly as a cure for structural ailments or a replacement for physiotherapy. But today millions of modern health practitioners from young children to seniors in their eighties and nineties have embraced Yoga. And that’s good news because this mind-body practice actually has the power to help your health in dozens of different ways. Yoga is more than just a workout—it’s actually a combination of four components: postures (like Ushtrāsana, camel pose), breathing practices, deep relaxation, and meditation that can transform your health on many different levels. In this class, we focus mainly on the physical postures, āsanas or breathing routines, namely prānāyāma. Whether you have prior knowledge of Yoga or not, come join us, towards a journey of health and wellness.

Teachers: Kumud Gupta, Sandhya Patel
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