Kannada at Temple

Since 1990, the Aralu Mallige Kannada Shale (Vidya Vikas) have been serving Indian community by teaching kids and adults kannada classes in the DFW area. This is the oldest and First language teaching class in the metroplex.

We will be following the curriculum/books issued by The Karnataka Textbook Society (KTBS). These are the same books followed by the Karnataka State Board. These textbooks have worksheets with the lessons so kids do not need to write in a separate book.

Our classes are structured in levels from one through four alongside a conversation class

  • Level  1 : We start with a basic introduction to aksharagalu, learning colors, basic words, and how to count numbers.
  • Level  2 : Introduction to kagunithagalu and reading small poems and short stories.
  • Level  3 : Introduction to ottuaksharagalu along with reading and understanding longer passages. We are also encouraging kids to talk in Kannada by giving them opportunity to talk individually for at least few mins in each class
  • Level  4 : Advanced kannada learning, Reading stories and passages, and introduction to grammar.
  • Conversation class : Helps kids to converse in Kannada and to improve their vocabulary.

We administer 2 exams per level ,a midterm and a final. To be promoted to the next level, a student must pass the final exam.

Coppell ISD, Lewisville ISD, Frisco ISD, and Plano ISD have recognized Kannada as a foreign language and also give Foreign Language Credits (CBE) for Kannada.

We have very passionate and dedicated staff who dedicate time to teach our mother tongue to children. We look forward to your support towards Aralu Mallige Kannada Shale

Kannada Teachers

Gowri Kuchangi
My self Gowri Kuchangi born and brought up from Bangalore moved to US 18 years back after marriage with Harish Sidapura. We have 2 lovely kids Karna Sidapura and Lakshmi Sidapura.
We started Vidya Vikas for my son when he entered his Kindergarten. As a parent I was very happy with Vidya Vikas and my son started learning Kannada and attending religious classes.
I started volunteering and started teaching Kannada to all the levels, I have completed 8 years of teaching Kannada in Vidya Vikas. My kids have been students of Vidya Vikas for the past 8 consecutive years.
Both my kids are Vidya Vikas students and are very happy to attend the school every Sunday. Vidya Vikas gives a very good opportunity to these kids to learn the mother tongue and Indian culture and tradition through the religion classes.
The classes offer a very positive and spiritual environment for the kids and are instrumental in developing a good foundation for the kids.
I work in IT for a healthcare company and volunteering to teach Kannada every Sunday gives me immense happiness.
Kumar Swamy
My name is Kumara Swamy. Have a wife and 2 kids who are already students of Vidya Vikas in Level 2 and level 8 just completed this year. Moved to Irving Texas 5 years ago and was very happy to find Vidya Vikas institute in DFW temple for kids. Kids really got good knowledge of our Indian tradition through religion classes and a learning language in our case Kannada was itself a great opportunity as we were missing this in other states of USA. It’s really nice feeling to be part of a group of nice Kannada teachers, learnings from a region classes and a Temple’s spiritual feeling is great. Would like to read, watch good TV shows with kids and play games. Thank you for giving this great opportunity.
Kushi Jain
My name is Kushi Jain and I am currently a sophomore at UT Dallas! I have been apart of Vidya Vikas for a few years now and teach Kannada Level 1. I absolutely love working with the kids, and even with COVID, I am so proud of all that we were able to do this year! It’s been an amazing experience to be able to watch them grow and watch them learn Kannada!
Kamala Alankar
Kamala has volunteered from past several years as kannada teacher. She has taught kinder to middle school aged kids and enjoys teaching them. Currently she was teaching level4 kids last year online.
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