About Vidya Vikas is a DFW Hindu Temple Society sponsored educational program for our young Hindu generation. It is entirely run by volunteers. The main objective of the Vidya Vikas Program is to serve the DFW Metroplex area Hindu Communities to fulfill their desire for keeping Hindu heritage alive throughout the ensuing generations by –
  1. Teaching Hindu children and youth the fundamentals of Hinduism and its relevance,
  2. Familiarity with Hindu festivals, their background and associated rituals,
  3. Establishing an interest in the Hindu religion, and
  4. Teaching them ethics and moral values that will encourage them to become ideal American citizens and Hindu devotees.
History The VidyaVikas educational program started in 1986 with only 3 students. With the move to the Irving location by 1990, the number of students had gone upto 25. The Hindu Cultural Center was built in 1994 with six classrooms. This brought structure and capacity, which attracted more students and teachers. At that time, we also started teaching Indian languages, namely Gujarati, Bengali and Hindi. alongwith fine arts Dance and Tabla, SAT preparation, and Computer Operations. Understandably, the classrooms started running at capacity and we needed more classrooms. With immense planning and support of temple sponsors and management, 5 more classrooms were added in 2002 when we built the Annex Building with the Youth Center. Those classrooms also started getting used to capacity in no time. In 2011, the Multipurpose Building was constructed with the Sanskar Bhavan at the 1st level and 14 NEW Vidya Vikas classrooms on the 2nd level. Present Currently more than 750 students participate in the Vidya Vikas Program activities. The entire program is run with over 100 dedicated volunteer teachers. The program conducts classes in Hindu religion and Indian languages: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil, and Telugu,. Other classes for children include Devotional singing or bhajans, Folk Dancing, Keyboard or Harmonium, Bhajan, Gita chanting, Indian fine arts and crafts, and SAT preparation. In line with the Temple Board of Trustees and Executive”e Committees long  term vision, we also have the following classes for adults now – conversational Sanskrit, Bhajans, Gita Study group, Narayaneeyam Chanting, Yoga and Folk dancing for ladies. Based on the growth of the Hindu population in the DFW Metroplex area, the temple expects more than 1000 students in the very near future. We need volunteers, and financial support to cater to current and ever growing needs of our HINDU Community. Net proceeds from this Event will benefit Vidya Vikas Program activities. Your generous donations during this EVENT will help to invigorate the Vidya Vikas Program. If you like to know more about the Vidya Vikas activities, please visit the temple in person or setup a virtual appointment with a representative from the VidyaVikas Administration team. This will help you understand further the benefits of participating in the Vidya Vikas Program activities.
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